Job Announcement: The YUI Team Is Hiring an Engineer To Work on Firebug

By YUI TeamMay 7th, 2007

It’s no secret that we’re fans of Firebug, the diabolically useful Firefox extension from Joe Hewitt that provides integrated debugging features, DOM inspection, live HTML/CSS/JavaScript manipulation, profiling, and more. Today we’re pleased to announce that we’re putting our money where our mouth is by contributing back to the Firebug project.

Toward that end, we’re opening a search for a full-time developer to work with Joe on advancing the Firebug roadmap. This developer will be a member of the YUI team and a full-time Yahoo! employee. The job description follows. If you’re interested in applying for this position, please send your résumé, including links to relevant projects/portfolio items, to yui-jobs /at/ yahoo /dash/ inc /dot/ com. (Principals only; no recruiters, please.)

To learn more about Firebug, visit the website and the project page on Google Code. You may also want to watch this video of Joe introducing the feature set of Firebug 1.0 (129 MB .mp4; also available on Yahoo! Video in Flash). To learn more about the Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI), visit our website, download YUI, and check in on the YUI Forums.

YUI/Firebug Engineer: Job Description

  • Position: Technical Yahoo!/Senior Front-End Engineer
  • Location: Sunnyvale, CA

The Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) team is looking for an engineer to work on the open-source Firebug extension for Firefox ( This developer will work closely with Firebug’s creator, Joe Hewitt, as well as with senior engineers on the YUI team to continue Firebug’s evolution as the premier open-source debugging and analysis tool. Firebug is largely written in JavaScript and CSS, so a strong background in frontend engineering is required. Moreover, experience designing and creating APIs enabling modular extensibility will be a requirement in the next phase of Firebug’s development. Because Firebug is closely tied to Mozilla software, the ability to work productively with the Mozilla community (both as a developer and API consumer) is important.

Minimum Job Qualifications:

  • You must have a strong command of X/HTML, DOM, CSS, JavaScript, cross-browser compatibility issues, and client-side performance optimization.
  • You must have a strong command of client/server programming in HTTP environments, including a strong working knowledge of the HTTP protocol.
  • You must have a successful track record of creating and documenting APIs that enable modular, performant extensibility.
  • You must have superior writing and public-speaking skills.
  • You must have a strong attention to detail.
  • Computer Science degree or equivalent work experience required.

Preferable Job Qualifications:

  • You should have 5+ years of frontend engineering experience building web-enabled functionality beyond the traditional web-page — e.g., XUL applications, browser extensions, Greasemonkey widgets, etc.
  • Experience contributing to Mozilla or other open-source projects is highly desired.
  • Experience with C/C++ is highly desired.
  • Familiarity with YUI, Dojo, JQuery and other JavaScript/CSS libraries is a plus.
  • Experience with Javascript/XML-based widget engines is a plus.

If you’re interested, please provide URLs and code samples of your work for review to yui-jobs /at/ yahoo /dash/ inc /dot/ com. (Principals only; no recruiters, please.)

Yahoo! Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. For more information or to search all of our openings worldwide, please visit


  1. Go Yahoo! As one who tortures Firefox with Firebug, and numerous other developer tools, I’m really excited about this. Nothing beats Firebug.

    Thanks for contributing to this tool, and thanks in advance to whoever gets this killer job opportunity.

  2. What a wonderful position! You get to work on the most beloved web dev. tool side to side with the devs of the best JS framework. Not to mention this all being at Yahoo!.

    Can’t wait to see what this will do to Firebug.

  3. Very cool! Firebug is amazing. I cry every time I have to develop on a client machine, as their image includes only IE6. I recently was able to get Firefox onto that machine. My whole reason for doing so? Firebug!

    Firebug increases my front-end development productivity by at least 4x. There aren’t many things I can say that about…

  4. And I caught that item in a demo at JavaOne:

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  6. “You must have a strong command of X/HTML, DOM, CSS, JavaScript, cross-browser compatibility issues, and client-side performance optimization.”

    No mention of web accessibility? I understand this is a Firebug role, but the title is “Senior Front-End Engineer” – so that should entail at least working knowledge of accessibility.

  7. mwarden,

    Your life maybe made easier by getting a flash drive and installing portable firefox on it with firebug:

  8. @isofaro — Point taken. We would certainly expect a working knowledge of accessibility. Your point is that literacy in accessible web development is not so ubiquitous that it can be implied, but rather needs to be explicit, in all postings of this type, is an interesting one. Regards, Eric

  9. @Eric Moritz,

    Thanks for the pointer. Unfortunately, only “approved” flash drives are allowed for security reasons, and the approved drives will not allow running these type of applications.

    I never quite fully appreciated how much Firefox and Firebug increase front-end development until I couldn’t use it anymore.

    Can’t wait to see the direction the YUI team guides it.

  10. This is exciting news Yahoo!

    As a long time fan and user of Firefox, I can’t wait to see what new features you can add to this essential web developer’s tool

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  15. So, when will debugging of evaluated code be implemented?

    This is becoming more common as apps load page fragments (which contain scripts) through XHR, and extract the source from embedded scripts and evaluate them.

    Right now, I can’t debug what goes on in the large, generated scripts embedded in my loaded page fragments.

  16. Is Firebug development DEAD? How about a version for FF3?

  17. Cat Ballou: It is too bad to be true. :) If seriously firebug development isn’t dead, because there are versions 1.1 and 1.2 in SVN repository and there is support for FF3 in them both…

  18. Cat Ballou,
    Until there is an official release of Firebug outside of svn — you should probably try this version (it’s supposed to work for FF3):
    – Stephan