YUI Theater — Douglas Crockford: “Crockford on JavaScript — Act III: Function the Ultimate (73 min.)”

By YUI TeamFebruary 24th, 2010

Douglas Crockford delivers the third lecture in his his Crockford on JavaScript lecture series at Yahoo on February 17, 2010.

The third installment of the Crockford on JavaScript series provides a deep-dive on functions in JavaScript. Douglas begins the talk this way:

We’re going to be talking about functions tonight. Functions are the very best part of JavaScript. It’s where most of the power is, it’s where the beauty is. Like everything else in JavaScript, they’re not quite right, but you can work around that, and there’s a lot of good stuff here.

73 minutes later, you’ll have a better understanding of functions — and a deeper understanding of what makes JavaScript both unique and powerful. If you missed either of the first two lectures in the series, or if you want to attend one of the two remaining, visit the Crockford on JavaScript series page.

If the video embed below doesn’t show up correctly in your RSS reader of choice, be sure to click through to watch the high-resolution version of the video on YUI Theater.

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  1. Great video. Loved the promise and seal patterns! Have used them before but never studied this closely.

    Minor nitpicks about new_constructor:
    1. The behaviour of “func” is not identical to “new” because the “initializer” function could have a return value which would have to replace “that” if the instance were created by “new”.
    2. The style could be improved by naming the function “Constructor” and calling it as “new Constructor(…)”. This would identically work because it returns “func” and not an instance of “Constructor”.

  2. I am so excited, I am making popcorn and watching this tonight.

  3. Jeffrey Gilbert said:
    March 1, 2010 at 11:59 am

    Sebastian, I’m not sure using “Constructor” is good practice as that may end up being a reserved word despite it’s capitalization.