YUI Theater — Ryan Dahl: “Introduction to NodeJS” (58 min.)

By YUI TeamMay 20th, 2010

Ryan Dahl's Talk at the BayJax event at Yahoo! on May 5th, 2010.

Two weeks ago, Yahoo! hosted a BayJax meetup dedicated to NodeJS (since the meetup coincided with Cinco de Mayo, we named it ‘Cinco de Node’). Ryan Dahl, the creator of NodeJS, gave a talk on the project and was very kind to let us record his presentation for YUI Theater.

P.S. The video opens with a 30-second glimpse into the Cinco the Mayo celebrations at Yahoo!

If the video embed below doesn’t show up correctly in your RSS reader of choice, be sure to click through to watch the high-resolution version of the video on YUI Theater.

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  1. At time 22:06 there is a slide up that said: Stream everything, never force the buffering of data.

    It remind me of this:


    That is style of programming is key to build scalable applications.

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  8. Unbelievable.
    node.js is pretty amazing!

    From Posix blocking I/O to JavaScript async callbacks through a single os call stack, this is pretty amazing! Genius!

    Web 2.0 was basically asynchronous client calls with AJAX.

    node.js turns the Web 3.0 out to be asynchronous server calls model.

    Can’t wait to configure, make and install the node.

  9. In one words, NodeJS is a no blocking, evented I/O for v8.

    I just want to see the comparison between Node and Nginx which the video seems don’t talk about.

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