YUI 2.9.0 Release Update

By YUI TeamDecember 17th, 2010

Next week the YUI team will begin planning for release 2.9.0 to be shipped in the second half of Q1 2011. YUI 2.9.0 will be the last major dot-release of the 2.x codeline, and the team will be aggressively reviewing all open tickets against the YUI 2 project and either assigning them to be a part of the 2.9.0 release, closing them as “WON’T FIX”, or moving them to the YUI 3 project.

The reality of time and resource constraints forces us to focus on top priority items that will provide some closure to YUI 2.x and allow us to redouble our efforts on 3.x development. Here are some of the criteria that we’ll be using to guide us in deciding what should be included in release 2.9.0:

  • Issues that negatively impact core use cases.
  • Emerging issues related to new browser releases on the A-grade matrix.
  • Enhancements and new features will be de-prioritized for YUI 2 and considered for YUI 3.

The transition of the YUI team from developing two parallel codelines to focusing solely on YUI 3 does not mean the end of the YUI 2 project. All present and future YUI 2 releases will continue to be hosted on the Yahoo! CDN, the YUI 2 codebase will continue to be hosted in GitHub, and we’d like to explore community-based maintenance of YUI 2 in the future.

As we continue our planning process, we’ll be fine-tuning our schedule, looking for feedback from the community, and communicating progress updates throughout the release cycle.


  1. Though MS doesn’t have a release date, any guess as to how much 2.9.0 will support IE9?

  2. Jenny Donnelly said:
    December 17, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    @Bryan –

    The official IE9 release will immediately be considered an A-grade browser, so we’ll be actively testing against IE9 during the 2.9.0 cycle to ensure maximum compatibility.

  3. Does it mean that some of the widgets available for YUI2 will ported/developped with YUI3 (Datatable, …) ?

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the update.

    Re. enhancements etc. I know there’s a few places around where enhancements have been made to various components by members of the community, even if they’re not in the library.

    If there’s little chance that these get incorporated into the library, is there any chance that you could maintain a ‘simple-gallery’ for YUI2, even if that’s just a list of links to github or whereever with some descriptive text. That way existing enhancements (or even entire widgets) can be found relatively easily, even if they’re not in the core library code? For some people (ie me) I think YUI2 is going to be in use for a while and having easily-discoverable pre-existing enhancements will be useful (today it is AutoCompleteCellEditor on datatable!).



  5. @Damien there is a beta of a new DataTable component in YUI 3.3.0 PR 1. Additionally there is support for running YUI 2 (and YUI 2 widgets) in YUI 3. See YUI 2 in 3 for an example.

  6. @Damien

    Take a look at the table here:

    You’ll see that almost all YUI 2 components are already represented in one form or another in YUI 3. We plan to provide an offering of all YUI 2 components either as a core YUI 3 product or a Gallery module, or both.


    You raise a great point. One of the most valuable aspects of YUI 3 is how the community can contribute enhancements such as you describe into the Gallery. I wonder if we could leverage the existing Gallery for YUI 2-based enhancements….

    That way, folks using 2-in-3 could easily use the code. For folks not using 2-in-3, these modules could as least be easily discoverable and then copy/pasted into their existing implementations. Maybe this could be achieved by agreeing to some conventions, like tagging with “2in3″ and maybe prefixing the module name with “2in3-“. Seems worth exploring.

  7. Any update on the YUI 2.9.0 release?

  8. [...] Included in this release are numerous bug fixes and targeted enhancements that will help bring closure to the YUI 2 codeline, as well as targeted code changes and documentation updates that make it more difficult for [...]