Announcing YUI 2.9.0

By YUI TeamApril 13th, 2011

The YUI team is thrilled to announce the release of YUI version 2.9.0. YUI 2.9.0 is the last bug fix release on the YUI 2 code line marking its transition into maintenance mode. Moving forward, expect to see releases consisting of only critical bug fixes or fixes for browser compatibility issues resulting from updates to browsers in the GBS. We’re truly excited to better focus our attention on the upcoming 3.4.0 release of YUI.

To get an idea of the changes included in YUI 2.9.0, you can review the ReadMe Digest which summarizes all of the additions made by component developers to their respective ReadMe files for this release. You can also view the list of tickets fixed in YUI 2.9.0 for a summary of bug fixes and enhancement requests completed in this release.

We’d like to remind everyone that as we begin the process of deprecating YUI 2.x, all released versions will continue to be hosted on Yahoo’s CDN and the code base will continue to be forkable on


  1. 看来得学学yui3了。2.9估计是不会有新功能了。@Jenny Donnelly 你会中文吧?

  2. Felipe Gasper said:
    April 15, 2011 at 8:37 am

    Thanks, all. :) Looking forward to the upgrade and to bigger and better things in YUI 3.4.

  3. @janwen

    Sorry, I don’t speak Chinese!

  4. @Jenny Donnelly 希望yui team来中国做演讲,分享。

  5. In the last posts, janwen says he wish YUI team would visit China to share and may be to do demos.

  6. Thanks for the update and great job fixing all this rendering issues. I noticed Carousel rendering issues on IE9 on my Nutrition Facts site and after I have updated from 2.8.2 to 2.9.0 everything works fine again. I also noticed this issue on this Osteoarthritis page. There I’m using YUI2 inside of YUI3 and it seems that I can’t specify there which version of YUI2 to use.

    Thank you!

  7. @Sarkis: there is a YUI configuration option for that:

  8. Thank you very much Adam! I’ve change my YUI() to YUI({yui2 :”2.9.0″}) and now it works like a charm. Thanks!

  9. Please advice!

    I can’t download Full Developer Kit for yui2 v2.9.0. – broken URL.

  10. @Pavel

    The link should be working now, thanks!

  11. Downloading the full developer (same link) is only 503k and has no files in the build folders.