YUI 3.4.1 is now live

By YUI TeamSeptember 27th, 2011

YUI 3.4.1

The YUI 3.4.1 short cycle release is now available on CDN and for download, more than a week early! Here are a few highlights for this release:

You can can also review the summary of all changes noted in the component history files for YUI 3.4.1 as well as the full list of tickets addressed during YUI 3.4.1 development. As always, we would appreciate that you file any suggestions you might have or defects you might uncover in our ticket database. Feedback for YUI 3.4.1 can be entered in the YUI 3 ticket database.

We would also like to announce that in the next release of YUI, DataType.Date, DataType.Number and DataType.XML will be deprecated in favor of Y.Date, Y.Number, and Y.XML, respectively. Backwards compatibility will be retained for one release, to give everyone a chance to switch over.

Oh, and one more thing: we are well on our way in migrating the YUI Theater content to YouTube. For starters, check out Douglas Crockford’s lecture series “Crockford on JavaScript” — complete with subtitles!

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  1. Just a general observation but it’s sad that nowadays people don’t think a video exists online unless it’s on YouTube.

  2. @Christian: That wasn’t our motivation (we’re actually migrating because YouTube offers tons of great functionality we’d otherwise have to build ourselves), but we’re finding that simply having our videos on YouTube has made them much more discoverable.

    YouTube’s captioning features are also fantastic. We’re able to upload plaintext transcripts of YUI Theater talks and have YouTube automatically convert them into perfectly-timed video captions.

  3. These new YUI 3 releases are fine and dandy, but can anyone tell me why so few people are using release 3 anyway?

  4. @Bodo: JS library usage statistics are notoriously hard to gather accurately, particularly for a library like YUI 3 which has such a wide variety of possible usage patterns. Since W3Techs doesn’t share their methodology, I’d advise against putting too much trust in their numbers. In any case, even by W3Tech’s numbers, I wouldn’t say there are “few” users of YUI 3.

    YUI 2 was extremely popular and has remained popular longer than even we expected it would. YUI 3 was rebuilt from the ground up with a new, more robust architecture and new APIs. Some users jumped at the chance to build on YUI 3. Others who were happy with YUI 2, or who had built large codebases on top of YUI 2, took a more conservative approach, waiting for more YUI 3 learning materials to appear, waiting for components they needed to be created, or just waiting until they could budget the time to upgrade.

    With the launch of the new YUI website and its improved documentation and tutorials, as well as with YUI Theater and the regular YUI Open Hours webcasts, we’re putting a lot of effort into making it easier to learn YUI 3. Don’t forget to join us (and lots of enthusiastic YUI 3 users) for YUIConf 2011 in November!

  5. @Ryan: Thank you for that explanations. I don’t know about the W3Techs numbers either, but they are actually consistent with what I see in the field. At least they show a growth of overall YUI usage vs. most other libraries.

    Anyway, YUI 3 is now 2 years old, and while I’m personally happy with the documentation and the overall status of the library, it seems many others are not. Let’s hope your continued effort, which is much appreciated, will change that.

  6. insertAdjacentHTML said:
    October 3, 2011 at 6:39 am


    Please add insertAdjacentHTML improvements in a future version of YUI.

  7. @insertAdjacentHTML – This would make a great enhancement request: http://yuilibrary.com/projects/yui3/newticket. Thanks!

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