YUI Stories

By YUI TeamNovember 10th, 2011

At YUIConf 2011 last week, we set up a video camera and invited attendees to tell us how they use YUI and why they chose it for their projects. We were thrilled to hear their stories, and we’d love to hear yours as well! After checking out the video, leave a comment and tell us how you use YUI.

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  1. John Iannicello said:
    November 10, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    With 3.4 I started using yui primarily. Organizing code into modules, having the client just call the module by it’s name and having loader load the javascript, it’s dependencies and any css associated with it, is biggest advantage for me (YUI_config needs to be highlighted in documentation though).

    The other infrastructure pieces are gelling the more I use the library: widget/base, mixing objects, augmenting classes, attributes, excellent events/custom events… Lately I’ve been learning and using the WidgetParent/WidgetChild which is another big help.

    But, for unit testing, I prefer QUnit. One feature it has is the ability to specify how many assertions you expect a test to have. The test function fails if the actual # of assertions don’t match. It also, seems to require less wait/resume than Yui test; Qunit only needs wait/resume for ajax calls while yui test seems to need it for any type of callback handler. Since I mock the ajax calls in the unit tests, I don’t need to do any wait/resume or start/stops. But, I do use YUI’s excellent event simulation in the qunit tests.

    But, overall, yui is much better for organizing larger projects and coding re-usable pieces. And it’s helping me be a better Javascript developer.