YUI Weekly – Sept 7th, 2012

By YUI TeamSeptember 8th, 2012


  1. No mention of my recent blog post, but the community has been buzzing about it: http://wonko.com/post/yui-from-the-outside

    I’d love to see some dialogue about how YUI can better serve its community’s needs. The YUI blog seems like just the right place for that.

  2. After reading Ryan’s blog post, looks like something is going wrong with YUI team.

    Guys if people like you in Company like Yahoo! will do this, then what would happen to YUI Library and image of YUI and Yahoo!.

    Please join your hands to keep YUI rocking!!!

  3. Also related to the Y.Deferred and Y.Promise pull requests: http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/async/deferred/

  4. @Chitrasen: I wouldn’t put it that way, and I’m sorry my post gave you that impression. The YUI team is a fantastic group of people. I and others have expressed some frustration with aspects of the project, but I think the way to solve these problems is for the YUI team and YUI’s community to discuss them openly and work on them together.

    I’ve posted a followup to Friday’s blog post that hopefully clarifies some things, and in which I apologize for the negative tone I took in my original post. I hope you’ll read it: http://wonko.com/post/why-i-believe-in-yui

  5. @Andrew: Thanks for sharing the link, it’s really helpful.

    @Ryan: Your latest blog post gives me some relief, however I am eager to see some steps from Yahoo! to make YUI more community friendly.

    Long live YUI…