YUI 3.7.1 Patch Release

By YUI TeamSeptember 19th, 2012
NOTE: Be sure to update to the latest patch release: 3.7.2.

It’s exciting to be part of a live and vibrant project that is so responsive to its community. That is most evident by things like releasing a new patch as soon as we find issues.

We encourage you to update your code to 3.7.1 to take advantage of the latest fixes. Here’s the CDN link, and it’s also available to download.

About this release:

  • This release fixes encoding issues with our build for people who are self-hosting YUI and serving it with a non-UTF-8 encoding.

  • The recommendation is for people to update to 3.7.1, there are no code changes, simply a rebuilding of some of our minified files which had non-ascii chars.


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  2. Thanks Dav for releasing this so quickly! You guys are awesome!

  3. Congratulations. Update so fast.

  4. Good to see the increasing speed of deployment of versions. The hand of SCRUM or the hand of more budget (Mrs Mayer)? In any case, good to see that a product focused CEO now manages YAHOO. I truly hope that you guys will use this new context to push YUI to the no.1 position, where it belongs. in that spirit, the HTML 5/mobile/Phonegap aspect needs some much missing love.

  5. [...] framework has been updated; no new features as such, just a couple of fixes of encoding issues. Release notes are over at Yahoo’s website. YUI has always struck me as one of the more technical JavaScript [...]