YUIConf 2012 Talk: Writing for Developers – Some Rational Techniques by Evan Goer

By YUI TeamDecember 10th, 2012

Up next in our YUIConf 2012 video series is a talk from Evan Goer. In addition to speaking and working at Yahoo!, Evan has written the excellent YUI 3 Cookbook. This talk was one of the most highly rated of the conference. Be sure to keep up on our video releases on YUI Theater and YouTube.

In this talk presented at YUIConf 2012, Yahoo! frontend engineer and YUI 3 Cookbook author Evan Goer discusses the principles behind clear and logical writing, and methods for organizing prose at the micro level. Evan also talks about ways of avoiding bad advice and focusing on what truly matters in writing. According to him, “this is the stuff your college writing instructors should have taught you, but probably didn’t.”

You can find the slides for this talk here.


  1. Try to get the slides. But I get …Oops! Something went wrong. (Link?)

  2. I watched the entire talk – really good stuff.

    I just think it’s not named correctly: it is much more general than just “writing for developers”. Which is a GOOD thing, because you get MUCH more than you could have expected from the title :)

  3. Thank you, Michael! And yeah, you got me. ;) I used examples from technical writing, and made a few analogies relating to software… but if you strip all that stuff away, it’s a pretty general talk.

  4. Andrew Wooldridge said:
    December 13, 2012 at 10:25 am

    Thomas, try again? I’m able to view them from here.

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