YUI 3.12.0 Released

By YUI TeamAugust 29th, 2013

We are happy to announce the release of YUI 3.12.0! This release is available on the Yahoo! CDN for you to include directly in your scripts, taking advantage of Yahoo!’s fast CDN. You can also install it via npm or download it directly. We’ve also updated the YUI Library website to reflect the changes in this release.

In This Release

Our Release Candidate blog post goes into details about this release, but here’s a quick list of components updated in this release (click the links for more details):

More Information

We also want to thank our two Summer Interns Patrick Jameson and Rashad Russell for all their hard work these past few months. They’ve been a great help in testing and debugging issues for this release.

There were a total of 255 commits for this release by 24 contributors. You can read all about the details in the Change History Rollup and compare it on GitHub with YUI 3.11.0. We are always seeking ways to make our releases better, whether it’s improved CI (almost 9,000 tests per target environment) , better release processes (our new release branch keeps the main branches open all the time now), or more community involvement. Please file an issue if you find something we can improve!


  1. Does dual tap support basically mean that you should use tap in stead of click across the board and expect the framework to intelligently apply the most appropriate event?

  2. @Marc: Yes. However, realize that pulling down event-tap via the use() statement does mean that you’re pulling down some more code onto the page (about 6-7kb of JS). It’s not much, but just something to keep in mind.

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