YUI Weekly for December 20, 2013

By YUI TeamDecember 20th, 2013

As we say goodbye to this year, we have some nice goodies lined up for you. Learn out about our latest releases, and find out what happens when you run YUI inside a Tesla Model S. All this and more, in 2013’s last YUI Weekly:

Release News

This week, we released YUI 3.14.1, which brings support for IE11 and Android 4.4. You can find it on the CDN and npm, or download it as a zip. Check out the release post for more details.

There was also a new release of Yeti. We use Yeti to automate our tests across browsers. In fact, over 21 million tests have been automated with Yeti since July! Yeti 0.2.25 lets you specify Selenium capabilities directly along with some other nice improvements. Get it off npm or view the release post for more details.

Open Roundtable

We continued our “YUI in the Wild” series at the Open Roundtable this week. Mayumi joined us and discussed how she uses YUI at her work. It was an interesting conversation and I recommend checking it out.

If you are using YUI and you’d like to show off what you’ve been building, you can sign up for a spot at our Open Roundtable at this wiki. Open Roundtable will return on January 9th!

New This Week

  • What’s the first thing that you do when you sit inside a Tesla? Well, I check out the comfortable seats but others run some YUI unit tests. Find out what happens next on Reid’s Flickr!
  • Eric has been working on a Rework plugin that generates CSS for mobile-first responsive grids. Stay tuned for more news related to this in the new year!

The World of JavaScript

Happy Holidays

That’s a wrap, folks. From everyone at the YUI Team, we wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! YUI Weekly will be back in the first week of January. See you all in 2014!


  1. Chitrasen Chintamani said:
    December 20, 2013 at 5:43 pm

    What happened to YUIConf2013 videos? Its been a while and no body seems to talking about them.

  2. @Chitrasen: We’ve just got the videos back and we are in the process of transcribing them. They will be uploaded on Youtube starting in January.

  3. The same issue of JavaScript Weekly that contains some of the links to articles listed above also contains one titled Choosing a JavaScript MVC Framework (http://www.funnyant.com/choosing-javascript-mvc-framework/). Y.App is not listed among the several it compares, an omission that is itself open to interpretation and not very useful. However, the author uses several interesting and quite objective criteria to evaluate them. It would be very useful if someone could rate Y.App under those same criteria.